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Recycle Rewards is a best platform to create awareness about dry waste, wet waste and method of its segregation and to encourage recycling in India. It uses unique ways of teaching, sharing and incentivising to promote waste segregation and recycling. To brush your knowledge and engage in recycling, recycle rewards offers you to play games, can read interesting unique articles, answer quizzes and book a pick up for your dry waste.



  • Recycle Runn.....

    The game has been made to promote Swachh Bharat and recycling, by incentivizing the masses through an interactive platform.

    Recycling is the most important part of the waste management process as it diverts considerable amount of waste from the landfill, helps in saving natural resources as well as mitigates harmful Green House Gases from the atmosphere. The users can earn rewards by playing games.

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  • Let’s Segregate Waste

    First Step to Clean India is to Segregate – "Let's Segregate, Let's Recycle Waste" game intends to teaches people to segregate waste by type – DRY or WET.

    Learn and Earn Recycle Reward points and change people around you, send us what you want us to include in this game we will do it at earliest.

    Let's Segregate, Let's Recycle Waste - educative game teaches people to segregate waste into Wet & Dry waste.

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