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Recycle Rewards is a best platform to create awareness about dry waste, wet waste and method of its segregation and to encourage recycling in India. It uses unique ways of teaching, sharing and incentivising to promote waste segregation and recycling. To brush your knowledge and engage in recycling, recycle rewards offers you to play games, can read interesting unique articles, answer quizzes and book a pick up for your dry waste.



  • Q. What is Recycle Rewards?

    It is a platform to reward people for segregating and recycling their waste. It helps in promoting recycling, as well as, guiding the people to learn the correct way to do it.

  • Q. What are the different features of the application?

    The various features of the application are as follows:

    • - Scheduled pick-up
    • - Notification of events/pickups in advance.
    • - Intellectual articles about social and environmental impact of waste.
    • - Knowledgeable games about recycling
    • - Earning reward points.
    • - Discounts/gifts for recycling.
    • - Donation
  • Q. How do we earn rewards?

    There are many ways to earn the rewards, and these are:

    • - Booking a pick up from the Recycle Rewards app.
    • - Playing the segregation games on the application.
    • - Referring our application to your friends.
  • Q. How do we redeem rewards?

    The points can be redeemed in the following ways:

    • - Mobile recharge
    • - Movie tickets
    • - DTH connection recharge
    • - Coupons of various renowned brands.
  • Q. How do we know the exact weight of the waste generated?

    We would soon be including a quantifier, which would give per unit weight of the different types of waste; helping you to find approximate weight of the total waste generated.

  • Q.How do I donate using the Recycle Rewards application?

    We give you an option to either take cash in exchange of waste, or donate that amount to a number of NGOs in the city. Let’s Recycle makes the donation of the amount of waste given, in the name of the customer and intimate the customer as soon as it is done.

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